About Me

My name is Mary; mother, grandmother and OFSTED registered childminder. I live in a quiet and lovely part of Topsham, well away from the main roads but within easy walking distance of most parts of the town and very near The Topsham School. I live and work in a 2 bedroom house.
I became OFSTED registered as a childminder in August 2008 and If you ask me why I am a childminder I would have to say that it is because I love working with children and seeing the amazing changes in them over even a short period. I intend to extend my training in childcare to enable me to fully provide the best service that I can. Before I became involved in childminding, I worked at Clyst Heath Primary School as both a mealtime assistant and after school club assistant – I also helped with a special needs child in the school’s nurseryfor six months.Prior to that and since 1977, I had a long career as a registered nurse and worked at various hospitals in County Durham and Devon (most recently at Wonford Hospital, Exteter). I was fortunate enough to be able to take a break from work after the birth of my two children and returned to nursing when they were settled in primary school. I realise that this is not a luxury everybody can have and this was one of the reasons I became interested in childcare as a profession. My children both attended Topsham School (First and Second as it was then) and I was able to work at the school, as a mealtime assistant, during some of their time there.
My Pets: I have two cats, both from the Cats Rescue Centre in Exeter.Todd & Jessie Todd is a ginger tom, very loving and cheeky and adores being fussed and pretending to be a dog. He is very gentle and well mannered and loves being petted, even by small children. Jessie, Todd’s sister, is a little smaller and has a white bib and socks. She is more timid than her brother and keeps to herself unless she wants attention – when she is a very affectionate little cat. Like her brother, she is very gentle and well behaved.